Because the keys look like teeth.

I went to a screamo-something show last week. Suis La Lune from Sweden and Pianos Become The Teeth from the US of A stopped by to play at the Eglantier in Antwerp-Berchem, so I went to take a look at what they would would do.
Apparently, they play music. Great.

The Black Heart Rebellion opened the show but due to circumstances I wasn't able to see them. Too bad, I heard they were pretty decent.

Suis La Lune was the first band to perform after my arrival at the venue. Soundscapes mixed with hardcore-screamo dredged in an bath of epos. Convincing performance, cool band. Held my attention for a while, then lost it again.

When Pianos Become The Teeth entered the, eh… floor, I got pretty excited. I'm not all that familiar with them, but I know a couple of songs and they are really good. The live show, well, was beyond my expectations. They really surprised me, grabbed my attention, got me feeling angry and sad and it seemed they played their hearts out. The passion was definitely there. Overwhelming performance, I got me some shivers from time to time. No shit. I need to get into this.

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