Punk rock time go!

The Sojo on a Thursday night in May. It's the place to be. Especially when yet another great show takes place. Great bands, great hangouts, all that jazz. Gets you excited again.

First up was State Of Mine, playing a rocking show. Yeah, it was pretty tight, energetic and fun to watch. A line-up mix-up didn't affect the show. Not a fan of the vocals, but I'm getting into it. Fast, melodic, technical. Those are terms to describe skatepunk. They're the exact same terms to describe State Of Mine's show(s). Maybe next time I'll dance, who knows!
They released their debut cd earlier this year (at the same venue). Check it out!

The next band was a Gainesvillian band. You don't even need to know that to guess right: Spanish Gamble have beards, look cool and play punk rock not unlike Hot Water Music. Their live show was fun! I recognized some songs, sang along timidly and nodded my head frequently. I'm definitely into this kind of bands. A cool vibe, and cool songs with cool group vocals and shit like that. Hooray!

The last band was Atlas Losing Grip. Being Swedish is almost a guarantee to make great melodic punk rock. I'd like to refer to the same above-mentioned terms. Great show, once again great energy and I danced a bit this time. Well, by that time I was slightly drunk and really wanted to punkdance, so I tried a bit. Anyway, Atlas Losing Grip was really good, they have Rodrigo Surfers on vocals now so that's pretty cool. The 90's returned to the Sojo last night. Great songwriting, great band, buy their new album.

So, great hangouts, great bands, great beers, all that punkrock.

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