Steak Number x

With x equals 8. Steak Number Eight is a Belgian band. They're young guys who won Humo's prestigious Rock Rally a couple of years ago. Now they have released upon us their second album: All Is Chaos.
Pretty significant title.

The Depot in Leuven (the temporary Depot) was the host for these guys tonight. 11 euros for only one band, one I don't know all that well, isn't cheap, but hey, I had fun so what does money matter? After a long-ass intro the band came on stage. Then, surprisingly, they waited another few minutes until they started playing for real. And when they started, it didn't come off as powerful, or enchanting, or fascinating at all. In fact, it started off pretty boring. But after another few minutes the wall of sound built itself and the four youngsters were ready to capture the venue with their atmospheric post-doom-stomer-rock-core. Yeah, you get the picture. Slow, pounding guitars and bass, crushing and pretty tight drumming. Sometimes a voice came through: primitive growls which were a bit too loud to my liking and overpowering actually, but nonetheless spot-on screaming. For an hour they played various songs, all sounding pretty much alike, but I thought everything was great so I didn't mind. Except for a continuous head-associated up-and-down movement the performance didn't show much excitement, but the power and intensity was definitely there. At two times, the singer would climb something and jump off it. Cool. The audience was all impressed, I think. Either that, or it was the exact opposite.
Well, I enjoyed it, I had a good laugh when it became apparent their encore was a 10-minute song and the spun out ending (and intro) gave the show an edge it needed. I'm not one to watch hour-long shows, but this was alright. I headbanged. A lot.

So yeah, cool guys. I don't think anyone in the audience was younger than the guys on stage, so that must've felt pretty awesome. They deserve the attention, they're doing their own thing. And if that isn't your thing, that's alright.

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