I'm not gonna do a full review cause I'm lazy and I have to do this thing called actual life for a sec, that sucks.
Anyway, Fest ruled. Let's discuss some stand-out bands.

I saw the Murderburgers 4 times in the States. Every time they reaffirmed they're one of the hardest-working and generally one of the best punk rock bands out there at the moment. It seems they're getting some recognition here and there and getting signed to Asian Man was probably really cool. Love those guys, love those songs. These Are Only Problems is probably my favourite record of 2013, no joke.

Lipstick Homicide. Fucking hell, one of the tightest live bands around.

Saw Like Bats twice. The first time they played like 15 minutes with a bunch of new songs and it was cool but fuck, let me have something dudes. The second time, at Fest, they played a set full of tuneage and I sang my heart out and it was amazing.

I went crazy to Weekend Dads and Corey told me they were probably going to do one last Varsity Weirdos 7", which is amazing cause y'know, Varsity Weirdos are so fucking insanely good, as are Weekend Dads, as are Fear Of Lipstick by the way. But seriously, Weekend Dads. Sooooo good.

I missed Hold Tight!, which I regret. I didn't see Todd C, although he probably played 5/6 sets or so with his various bands. Would've loved to see FYP, but missed them due to drunkenness the first time and due to Hold Tight! the second time, which I in turn also missed. What a mess.

I saw Boys play 2 sets, which was great, they rule so much and you should check them out. I saw Mixtapes for the first time (and probably annoyes the hell out of them) and 2 Masked Intruder songs for the first time.

Knapsack ruled. Dopamines, Mean Jeans, D4 all ruled so much. Well, D4 was really good but they kept blabbering, which is cool but not if you could've played 3 more songs otherwise.

Jabber! Fucking Jabber. They played all the hits, more, and a No Doubt cover (the same song Chumped covered the day before, pretty funny). I've been spinning 200 Days on repeat for the last two months and I'm still not sick of it. Such a good band.

Bunch of other bands. High Dive. Dangit, that was cool. I was pleasantly surprised by Bridge & Tunnel. Fake Boys fucking slayed it. Devon Kay & The Solutions.

Other than the bands: drinks, babes, foods and fun time all the time.

See ya next year, Florida.

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