Thursday I saw Self Defense Family play. Finally. Missed the last two or so tours, so I was stoked.

We arrived at the start of Dad Punchers' set. It's basically an re-arranged 3/5 of Touché Amoré playing "bummer punk". That's what it says on their bandcamp, and I actually have no better description. I really enjoyed it. They have a split coming up with The Exquisites that I'm really stoked for, because The Exquisites are amazing and this song is gonna be on it. Cool show, not necessarily tight or impressive, but musically interesting. It was the bass player's first time playing with them, I think?

In the meantime I had hugged all my friends I hadn't seen in some time. Awesome. Lotsa cool people at the show, loved it. I also joined Lost Youth Records, kinda. Cool.

Self Defense Family was everything I expected it to be. Long wound out songs, alienation, signature Patrick speeches and movements, and a generally impressive musical performance. They're a special band, something I rarely see or listen to, so that's really cool. Opinionated, creative, unbounded. I suggest you listen to them.

Touché Amoré played a rad set of like a 100 songs. They started with Just Exist and ended with -what else?- Honest Sleep. Kids went bananers and I got drunk. Good show, they're such a good band. I don't know how they do it.

I bought a bunch of SDF merch and the new TA record. Talked to Kai, who I met in London last year, for a bit and it was fun seeing her again. The SDF people were super friendly people, that was cool.

Afterparty in Leuven, I got shitfaced on whiskey and ordered a pizza that I didn't pick up. What am I, an idiot? Yes.

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