15 cheeseburgers, please

Friday night I went to Hasselt because one of my favourite current bands were playing there, Muncie Girls. Together with Broadcaster and Off The Charts they'd provide the soundtrack to that Friday night, and they did well.

I loved their show. It was just as I expected, pretty much spot-on. Amazing melodies, drum patterns and bass lines, well structured into mostly long, fun, heartwarming indie/punk rock songs. I couldn't help but sing along to every song and from what I heard after the show they convinced a lot of people there into listening to them. It was super cool seeing them live finally. Best band. Listen to Muncie Girls.

I only saw a bit of Broadcaster in favour of hanging out outside (- many punx points) but they sound really good! It's music I like. Obviously, of course. Best dudes as well.

Off The Charts was rad. Like always. I don't know if I should comment on them anymore. Whoo!

Missed the train, afterparty at Wim's! Beers and cheeseburgers!

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