I've seen Off The Charts way too many times already. So why would I waste last Saturday night, going to a show with a bunch of bands I've seen before, and Off The Charts once again? Well, because it's a whole lot of fun.

When I arrived Clear Skies were playing, so I went to get something to eat with Petit. When we got back they were still playing, so I checked 'em out. Hmm.

Coma Commander was next. They're a good band. For real. The Dear Landlord cover was lots of fun, and the mood was getting set.

The Kids' Crusade is a pretty new band from the Netherlands, with members of This Routine Is Hell. Very Jawbreaker-ish, and they closed their set with Do You Still Hate Me? Which is super cool of course. I told them jokingly that "het op niks trok" but they didn't understand that idiom. Nice guys, good music.

On to The Dutch Rudders. I forgot the were playing. V. good! Bouncing Souls cover. Bit of a going nuts to their tunes about drinking, girls and whatnot.

Silver & Gold killed it. As usual. Kinda drunk at the time so I don't know. Probably danced a bunch with Jordi.

Things got off the hook during Off The Charts. They played a very long set and everything was pretty awesome. I loved that they played some of the demo songs, that was super fun. The new record is absolutely amazing. For fans of shouty punk rock with a hardcore edge, Title Fight and Basement and those things. They have a song called Basement which has the same riff as Fading by Basement which is clever. The set was amazing, so much fun, so much love, so much pain afterwards. I hurt my elbow real bad.

Homer closed off but I basically just sat outside cooling off and panting out. Sorry Homer. No hard feelings?

Afterparty was radddddddddd. Drunk people and punk rock music, that rules.

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