I'm not gonna do full reviews but I wanna put the spotlight on some really good recent releases and records I've been listening to a lot lately.

Direct Hit! - Brainless God (Red Scare Records, 2013)
Besides a terrifyingly cool title, Direct Hit! managed to put out a collection of songs worthy of the top 10 lists. It's actually not so much a collection as it is an entirety. Brainless God is a concept album (are punk bands even allowed to do that?) and it's damn well cool one. The world's about to end and there's some shit that still needs to be taken care of. With this apocalyptic theme of crisis desperation and a consistent fuck you/get pumped attitude, Brainless God feels like something really special, and it probably is.

The Murderburgers - These Are Only Problems (Asian Man Records, 2013)
I thought How To Ruin Your Life was their magnum opus, but they out-opussed themselves with These Are Only Problems. The things Fraser sings about ar only problems, but fuck, some of his problems are fucking heavy. Sometimes scarily accurate and identifiable, sometimes even more scarily unimaginable. It's generally a slower, more serious record and I really really really dig it.

Lipstick Homicide - Out Utero (Bloated Kat Records, 2013)
The latest offering from this ferocious  pop punk band. They've been everyone's favourite band for a few years now, and this record confirms that. Faster, louder, more wazzed off and lots of fun. The catchy hooks, snarly vocals and ripping riffs put thius band on the map even more. Really stoked on this.

Mean Jeans - On Mars (Dirtnap Records, 2012)
I'm a bit late to this party (literally), but the Mean Jeans got it figured out. Ramonespunk done right. No frills, no fills, just riffs. Catchy stuff, incredible vocals. Meant to party. There is no way you can't party to this. I've tried, it's impossible.


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