Mister and Miss Givings

New band on the block! Well, on some block. Not on my block. Some block in the south of the UK. Oh, I'm hearing you: What, another band from the UK? Dude, you have a problem. Yes, I have a problem. In fact, I have lots of problems. I'm coping though. Thanks for reminding me.

There's this band called Misgivings. My friend Joe plays in it, and these dudes called Ollie, Will and Pete do as well. They play instruments. You know. Like the Beatles did. You remember the Beatles, right? They played instruments.
This band - Misgiving, not the Beatles, mind you - just released a demo. The amazing thing about this demo is that you can totally listen to it. Here. Have you clicked the word "here"? Okay, good, let's move on.

Misgivings - Demo (2013, DIY)

1. Gift To Nobody
2. Disappear Here

First thing that comes to mind is this Belgian band called Coma Commander. They sound really similar, both vocally and musically. (Expect a review of their new EP soon-ish, by the way!) I guess I could compare Misgivings to loads of melodic punk kind of bands. That's what you get with punk rock. They could fit perfectly on a line-up with Bangers, Dividers and The Living Daylights, for example. That would be a rad show, I'll tell ya!
This demo is a very nice teaser though. Out of the two songs currently available, Dissappear Here is definitely my favourite. It's catchy enough to get stuck in your head but not blatantly uninspired. Also I like the vocal style on this one better. Kinda shouty but with some really cool lines. It has a nice pace and thematically it reminds me of better times. Which is a nice thing to be reminded of. Gift To Nobody is a cool song too, with some dynamic riffage and subtle melodies going on beneath the surface of a anthematic punk rock song.
Cool demo, I'm hoping to hear more of this band soon, preferably live perhaps.

Another band on the "UK bands rule, dude"-list!

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