Out of it. Under it.

Wednesday night. I'm sick of life and I need an escape. I go to a show. Everything is cool, for a couple of hours.

I saw the last couple of Solstice songs. Not my cup of tea.

Koji killed it. I thought I was gonna be bored by another singer/songwriter who vaguely found his way to an punk rock audience, but I was wrong. Intimate songs, brilliant songwriting, an amazing voice and a message. I thoroughly enjoyed it, his songs and his stories about the first time he went to Belgium etc.

Slingshot Dakota fucking ruled. One of the coolest shows I've seen recently. A guy smashing the drums and a gal smashing the keyboards. She had a fucking distortion pedal for the keyboard. How cool is that? Awesome show, amazing music, there was a LOT of energy in those two people and it all came out. It was awesome. The drummer kissed his crash cymbal at one point. Cool.

I'm not sure about Into It. Over It. It's objectively good music and a good performance, but I wasn't into it that much? No pun intended. I don't know. It was cool.

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