About a month ago I saw this band play, called Worriers. Member of The Measure, Bridge and Tunnel, Caves and then there's Mikey Erg on drums. Who else, right? Total babe-band, obviously. They were really good, and the folks at Lost Youth recs had set up a show for their Euro tour so we checked 'em out at Fest. We were pleasantly surprised.
So this past Wednesday they played at the Carpe Diem in Hasselt. I was stoked. Mikey Erg was playing a solo set too. Great fun.

But, the first band on were Losing Grip. Never heard of them. But they sounded really cool. Kinda Jawbreaker/early-Fake Boys vibes. Melodic, non-pretentious punk rock from the hearts and souls of some dudes from Limburg. I thought it was really good, so I hope I get to see 'em again soon.

Worriers ruled. I was less buzzed and more attentive than I was at Fest, so that only increased the experience for me. Great songs and top-notch, energetic execution. The songs from the new 7" were really good, it was this folksy, intimate song followed by a full-blown catchy tune. Worked like a charm. I'm not too biog on everything they played, but the majority made up for the minority of songs that appealed less to me.

What would a show with a Mikey Erg-inclusive band be without a Mikey Erg set? Probably pretty weird. So Mikey played some of his tunes. Mostly Ergs. A Psyched To Die song. Even a Harvey Danger and Gin Blossoms song (Gert-Jan requested that last one for me, < 3). Loud singalongs to words like "Life is long when you're lonely" "And I could write you the perfect song" and "And you prooooooobably will". The Ergs! were one of the main bands I was into when I was about 17-18 (about the time they broke up), so those songs still mean a lot to me and it feels great just singing along to every word. And when Gert-Jan started singing My Life Hurts by house Boat and Mikey actually played it, the set couldn't have had a better ending. No way, José. Perfect.

Bought a Worriers record and found a Underground Railroad To Candyland record in some distro. Nice. Trainride to L-town.

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