James [Moon, Red Cloud, PJ] Bond

I finally did it! I succeeded! I went to Diest! JH Tijl!
I went to the TIJL UNPLUGGED DELUXE show, which featured local resident star James Moon, reasonably local bearded dude Red Cloud and international famous superstar PJ Bond. Did you see the title? See what I did there? Clever, huh? [Note: I have never seen a James Bond film in my life.]

James Moon is a singer-songwriter. They're ll singer-songwriters. WE are all singer-songwriters! Anyway, let's focus on the point. Very Paul Banks-ish. (Paul Banks is the vocalist for Interpol. Interpol is a rock band. Thought you might wanna know.) Hints of Editors and alike pop rock/new wave artists. It was cool. I guess.

Teun is the vocalist for Break Of Day, Generation 84 and also has a solo-project Red Cloud. He's very punk-influenced of course, but also takes quite large notes from folk and country (from 50's folk singers to 60 country rock to 90s bearded punx drinking whiskey, basically). Sometimes it sounds blatantly unoriginal, at other times it sounded cool and endearing (I don't know if that's a word and definitely not sure if it means what I want it to mean). Teun is an amazing singer, yet not a hero at guitar. Power chords only get you so far when it's just you and your guitar. But above all, of course, it's the sincerity and the sheer love for music that's important for punkrockers-gone-acoustic like him. Genuine music from a genuine man with too much hair. Reminds me, he also made me giggle at two occasions:
1) When he put on his harmonica construction, he made a joke about the lack of having braces so he liked to put that on. Chuckle.
2) When he covered Blink's First Date, he sang the line "Do you like my stupid hair?" and rolled his eyes at his own hair. Got a good laugh out of that.
Honestly though, his hair's alright, his voice is awesome, his guitar skills are pretty decent, his show could've been better, but it also could've been worse. Voila.

PJ Bond! Whoo! I like PJ Bond. He's a great man, a great musician and he's really down to earth. He played a really cool set, including an appropriate amount of banter. He's got a new 7" that you should buy, although the songs are already a year old or something like that. The songs are really good. And his voice is really powerful, which helped cause there were a lot of people talking during the set which was kinda lame-ish.

Anyway, let's discuss, interactively. I was thinking, how much stage banter is cool? On a scale of Sunn O))) to NOFX (I've never seen Sunn O))) but I figure talking would ruin the set so I guess they don't do it?)? And is it cool to explain songs? Even in liner notes of records, some bands want to explain the song's meaning. I think that's really cool, but I've heard people who find it annoying, distracting or doing injustice to the songs. People always rag on about interpretation and such, but in the end most songs are about a specific thing the writer thinks about.
I was just thinking about that. Let's discuss this sometime.

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