Mannnnn, I have no clue about Brussels. I walked 30 minutes to get to a point 5 minutes away from Brussel-Midi. Desperate case.

But anyway, after a tiresome walk through St-Gillis I arrived at the LR6, a bar/venue which was the setting for the Mont-Doré/Birds In Row show for tonight.

Because I was later than expected I walked in right after Mont-Doré had started. They're a really good band. I saw them last month and definitely wanted to see them again, so this (digital) release-show for their debut EP Escalades, out on Black Basset Records. And it's a good one. Their show was awesome once again, I prefer them live rather than on recordings, probably. Intense, a bit chaotic, yet tight and contained. Cool band, keep your eyes on them. FFO 90s screamo, Circle Takes The Square, Saetia, Twelve Hour Turn.

Birds In Row also played, before they're touring Europe with Oathbreaker. The venue was either less packed than during Mont-Doré, or everyone stood closer together to the stage, which is also probable. Anyway, great band, three crazy french dudes who are genuinely angry and genuinely want to transpose all their energy to their music, and that's admirable. Great songs, awesome vocals. Show was good. 't Was good.

On the way back I found the right (short) route to the station, so that was cool. I had to miss the last song/few songs by the Birds but I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

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