pretty brak

I wanted to go to Ashes' releaseshow in Genk, but that turned out to be a lot more trouble logistically than going to see Teenage Bottlerocket in Duffel.

So onwards to Duffel, where the first thing I saw was Steamy Grease, a bluesrock band which I didn't really care for. Then frisbee and hangouts with people, most notably the West-Flanders crew. Whoo!

Wölf was pretty cool. This Kid was "hmm, ok" and they covered Refused, which was cool. I missed Toxic Shock in favour of aimlessly and fruitlessly looking for something to eat in Duffel centre. Fuck Duffel.

Face The Fax was pleasant. Get Dead was ok. Teenage Bottlerocket was awesome because I like them very much. Acted nuts throughout the show and at one point someone broke their arm which sucked major balls. I got away with a scratch next to my eye. Had a lot of fun, just sucks that thing happened.
Rad show. NUFAN and Ramones covers. Lenny on Bloodbath At Burger King. Other things.

Went home. Whut?


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