I say Netsky, you say... fuck off.


I went to this Cabaret Vert fest in the North of France (Charleville-Mezières) with a cup of buds, and it was lotsa fun. Unfortunately, we had paid for a camping spot before we learned that people apparently don't give a fuck and you can just put up your tent next to your car. So we did that, then headed into town for a snack, and found the fest-site hidden away in the depths of this idyllic village.

The first thing we did was get drunk on rum and coke, then get beers, pee a lot and chill out.

Sick Of It All was the first band we saw. Let me tell you 'bout our party perty first. I am a punk and hardcore-locin' dude. Then there's Jesse, who likes all kinds of stuff I think. He's really into metal but also really likes electronic music. And there's Lode, who likes a lot of DJs and electronic music of all sorts, also one Teenage Bottlerocket song. To be honest, I don't like Sick Of It All. I think the vocals are pretty bunk, and the New York hardcore style has never really appealed to me. So now that that's out there, I sang along to Built To Last and spend the rest of the set watching these dudes runnin' round like whack at age - what? - 40. They're a solid band, sure, but solid can turn into boring when you have to play a longer set. Anyway, a lot of songs and some stationary circle-pittin' later we went to the other stage.

The Bronx was playing right after Sick Of It All. This would make no sense on a hardcore/punk festival or show, but this is a mainstream-type event, so The Bronx is scheduled after Sick Of It All. And they did a great job. They're a great band, and although I still prefer their older records/songs to the new ones, it's cool to see they're heading for their own direction. They played a cool show, peepz went nutz, good set and all. Yoinks.

Food and wondering why French rock bands are so popular in France. Expensive beers and heading to the car to get cheaper beers.

Then The Offspring. I really enjoyed seeing them. They are not the smoothest people to put on a stage, but they got the hits and they got the vibe. They played a lot of Americana, Conspiracy Of One and Smash stuff, and some new songs in between. I was happy. Have You ever is such a good song. They played a whole bunch of songs, and it was both realistically and nostalgically nice.
I have a quite unpopular opinion about the Offspring, in that Conspiracy Of One is my favourite record of theirs. Of course it's also their poppiest album, so for me it makes sense.

I kinda wanted to see Crystal Castles but my party party didn't seem to eager to go a watch 'em, so I agreed to go chill out. I've seen 'em before, so no biggie.

Boys Noize was cool cause, you know, I got to dance and I really like dancing. I think he's a cool dude cause he does his own thing and he doesn't really adhere to "pop electro" rulage. He has a weird thing going, kinda. That's cool. Also, dancing is fun.

More dancing, yet slightly more agressively, ensued during Netsky. I've never seen him/them perform, but I like some of his songs. I can get quite destructive during the whatsitcalled in Come Alive. And he has a song which is called Puppy apparently, and that's pretty cool. Unfortunately, despite the live show being pretty cool and the drummer being absolutely mental, he has this MC dude who gets the crowd going and stuff. That shit annoys me to next levels, up to the point that I can't really enjoy the show anymore. Fucking hell. Other than that, fun times!

Went to bed to the tunes of the weird music our neighbours were playing till whatever o'clock in the morning.

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