Bad scene, not my fault.

I had nothing to do yesterday so I said to myself "there's this lousy hardcore/metalcore show in Mechelen, and it's free and it's possible some cool people will be there. even if the bands aren't that good, I'll still be out and about and it'll be fun."
And it was. I got drunk, hung out with den Berre and de Nico, and with Jolien, and with Suzanne behind the bar, and a bit with de Kenny. And I saw some lousy hardcore/metalcore bands. Great night.

The wheater was nice and I was feeling great so I decided to walk to the venue instead of taking the bus. It's a 20-minute walk, pretty cool. This allowed me to listen to Disfear on my iPod and headbang, airdrum and airguitar whackly for about 20 minutes. Musically, this was the best part of the evening. Which is kinda sad, but okay. Listen to Disfear.

I got to the venue and met Jolien and her friend, whose name, I realised later, I do not know, nor asked. Sorry man. I'd love to know your name. You're a cool dude. We laughed at how people dressed at hardcoreshows. It's getting pretty ridiculous. Fashion scene, everyone's fault. It's a freakshow, which is really cool and fun to watch, but also makes me shake my head, y'know. Listen to Disfear.

Perceptions played. Well they played one song. Then had guitar trouble for a while, because he's left-handed and can't change a string or something? I don't know. Then they played again. Which was kind of a bummer. I nodded my head for a while then realised it wasn't really worth it. Kinda boring. They kept asking if they had time for one more song and ended up playing 3 songs as their last song. Also it was the guitarist's last show with them. Good decision. Listen to Disfear.

Then hanging with the kids. Good times, fun conversations, good beers. Met the girl behind the bar and talked about playing guitar and stuff.

Climates. I don't really remember a lot of their set. Someone got an electric shock. They played some music, whioch was probably towards the other spectrum of music I usually listen to (i.e. good music). Their bass player looked like he played in Together, but didn't.

Last Witness was awful, but I had quite a few drinks in my sachet so I went for a small mosh cause sometimes I feel like doing that when I get drunk. I don't really remember how they sounded. Never heard of the band, but apparently they're a big deal and they're calling it quits. Other and better I guess. Listen to Disfear.

I don't really remember how I got home. I remember running to the station to catch my direct train, stopping by the nightshop for a cara pils, an ice tea green and a bag of mustards chips/crisps, and being hella drunk on the ride home. Might've read a couple pages of Animal Farm but I can't imagine I was able to comprehend written sentences at the moment, so I probably just sat there for an hour, eating crisps and drinking beer/ice tea until my stop was there. I apparently took a shower when I got home cause there was a towel on the floor of my room.

What a great night.

Listen to Disfear.

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