Same time, same place, same shit, different week. Another hardcore hardcore show in Kamikaze Club, Mechelen.
For the purpose of symmetry I will copy last week's blog post and adapt it so it is adequate and relevant.
I had nothing to do Wednesday so I said to myself "there's this lousy hardcore/metalcore show in Mechelen, and it's free and it's possible some cool people will be there. even if the bands aren't that good, I'll still be out and about and it'll be fun."
And it was. I got drunk, hung out with largely the same people as last week. De Vjee was also there and we decided to get married at age 30. That's cool. And I saw some hardcore bands. Great night.

The wheater was nice and I was feeling great but I took the bus this time. It's a 20-minute walk, normally, but I didn't feel like making an effort. Of course, it took equally as long to arrive there with public transport as it does by foot. Thankfully, I was listening to the new Muncie Girls EP and that kept my moods fairly high. Listen to Muncie Girls.

I got to the venue and met Jolien and her friend, whose name I now know. He's a cool dude. It was kind of a flashback, or a deja-vu, which was funny. There seem to always be a lot of hardcore kids in Mechelen. That's cool, I guess?

Atlas had already played. I missed them. They are releasing an EP shortly through the v. cool people of Viva Love recs. So maybe it's cool. I don't really know. My bud Niek told me he really supports them, so maybe I should believe him. He also told me he liked my blog yesterday, which is really cool of him to say, really cool for me to hear and something you should all do cause it makes me feel good. Listen to Muncie Girls.

Hanging with the kids. Domien arrived, whoo. Good times, fun conversations, good beers.

As Prayers Fail. Dutch band. Really weird! I was really confused. I liked 40% of it, and was indifferent to or disliked 60% of what they played. And I mean even in the same song. I didn't make all too much sense to me. Like they couldn't choose to rip off Defeater or to rip off Parkway Drive. So I was split between 'oh, cool!' and just 'oh...'. I'd rather listen to Muncie Girls.

Liferuiner was pretty cool. I was giddy enough so me and Domien went for the moshpit and showed 'em what we got. I cant' speak for Domien, but, really, I got nothing. I mean, compared to these kids. And I'm kinda glad I got nothing, cause some of these kids got a lot but they can't (slam) dance for shiiiiiit. Anyway, Liferuiner was kinda cool, I guess. Just hard-hitting hardcore. Straight edge I think. But the kids don't get it man. When this dude tells 'em to mosh, they'll mosh, but when they play this song called MegaDEATH which has THE HEAVIEST INTRO EVER, everybody just stood there. What the fuck? Didn't make sense. But then it's okay to punch people in the face during the generic breakdowns? Fucking hardcore kids. I'd like to refer to Cedric Bixler Zavala here.
Listen to Muncie Girls. Fucks.

After-show hangouts were cool, got to know some of Domien's colleagues and we listened to the new MC Karel album on the way home. I also sold some records that night, which was cool!
Domien had a day off the next day so we got shitfaced in Leuven and thrashed some bars till 5 AM. Life rules. Felt like shit the entire Thursday though.

What a great night.

Listen to Muncie Girls.
There ya have it! Listen to Sleepless, by Muncie Girls, right now.

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