I have fully recovered from a keh-razy weekend and have completed This Ain't Noise zine #9

It looks... like this:
It has 28 PAGES.
And it costs 50 CENTS.
There's BIKES on the cover.

It has INTERVIEWS with BILLY RAYGUN (New Hampshire pop punk), DOWSING (Illinois emo) and RYAN WOODS/TOBY FOSTER/THEO HILTON of DEFIANCE, OHIO/HIGH DIVE/NANA GRIZOL (US folk punk/pop punk).
It has a column about PIZZA by yours truly. And one about LADIES by Joëlle Laes.
It has zine and record REVIEWS.
It has a TOUR REPORT of the Outline trip to the UK.
It has A LOT of stuff, you see.

And you can read that stuff, if you get a copy from me!
You can do so through the usual ways:
- in person. just hit me up. whatevz. we're buds.
- on a show, specified below
- through the mail. send me your address. shipping is a euro or something, whatever, I don't care. international order is some more (3 euros?). use http://thisaintnoise.bigcartel.com/ or send address to thisaintnoise@gmail.com. I throw in stickers and perhaps a cd or something.

Upcoming shows:
05/09: PJ Bond (Carpe Diem, Hasselt)
08/09: I Not Dance (Eglantier, Antwerpen-Berchem)
09/09: Not On Tour (Oude Ketel, Heist-Op-Den-Berg)
22/09: Adrenalized (Rockcafé, Leuven)
09/10: Elway (Kamikaze, Mechelen)

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