It should be no secret that I've been on a major UK punk rock high for the last year or so. So, just for fun, I decided to list some of my favourite UK acts that I think are definitely worth checking out.
I should write some show reviews of the last few days, but I'm not feeling that right now, so suck it.

- MUNCIE GIRLS: Two guys and a girl who are doomed to an eternal life of Lemuria comparisons. Sure, it's a cool band to be compared to, but it's alsonot relevant. Muncie Girls is its own band and they fucking rule. They released a demo and have a flawless EP, Revolution Summer, out on Specialist Subject Records. When I type in "bandcamp" in my URL bar they're the first to come up. And I even have the EP. I just liek to listen to it a lot, like at moments when I'm not around my record player.
They're touring Europe this fall with Broadcaster from the US. Needless to say I'll sing along to all of their amazing lyrics and dance like a nutcases to their sweeping melodies. Yeah yuh.

- DIVIDERS: Welsh gruff punx, they conquered my heart being on the split with Ten Speed Bicycle where they played a song about being best friends or something. The opening/chorus riff to Powering Through With The No Sleep Crew and the opening line "We're too damn young to be so damn bald" captured me with its fierceness and sense of thereness. They play music with a certain feel that balances between melancholy and hopefulness. Their other recording are equally good and I sure hope to see them mlive some day.

- TEN SPEED BICYCLE: London vegan straight edge hardcore-influenced emo outfit. I saw them play at the Everyone Everywhere/Chalk Talk show in London last Summer andafter hearing their side of aforementioned split, I was full infatuated with their music. Kai, Tommy and Jack are the nicest people with emo sensibility growing out of their asses into their instruments and creating a single-layered sound of integrity, subtle complexity and just plain cuteness.

So far, all three-pieces. Total coincidence, I promise.

- FAUSTO: I just discovered Fausto on the Outline tour stop in Gloucester. They're from 'round there and they just fuck around basically. They're either musical geniuses who have us all fooled believing they're just some whack dudes, or they're actaully whack dudes who decided to do whack shit with their instruments. They're really enjoyable though, both live and on record. Loud shit, fast shit. Short songs (they have a 16-song EP of almost 12 minutes (and most of it is feedback, by the way)) with no attitude at all. They just play what they deem is pretty neat. The lyrics are amazing. Simplistic imagery of everyday life (Girls Stink, Anti Swag, Friendzoned) and forgettable incidents (Shin Punch, Floor Bizkit, Awake). I fucking love it. The whole concept, or lack thereof, is really lovable.

- THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS: Guess what's the second link is when I type in "bandcamp" in the URL bar? Yeah, it's these blokes. I'm not too crazy about the first records, but What Keeps You Breathing is insanely good. Schooling modern punk rock bands how to do shit the right way. Elaborate songs with social cues, insanely good hooks and the coolest anthematic parts, ideal for singing along to as loudly as possible. Catchy.

- THE MURDERBURGERS: They're a staple band of the UK scene, with the constant touring and constant recording, but also not because they're from Scotland, huh. Nah, This band is fantastic, they've grown with every release and the next one is gonna be a banger. Killer live shows, nicest dudes, there is nothing you can't love about this band. Except for the fact they're Scottish, you can't understand them and their singer is a tiny amicable ginger who undoubtely has a robot arm to play guitar cause there's no way he's actually that fast.

- APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE: Yeah, I've written about them many times before. Rad band, amazing debut, seen them like 8 or 9 times now, still not tired of the jamz. I don't know how they pull it off, but they manage to sound so coherent and so distinct at the same time. You're probably already into this, no doubt.

- ED WOOD: Of course. In three shows and one night of hanging out they've become one of the coolest people in my 'cool people' book. More like Rad Wood, am I right? Yeah I'm right!! Their band is top notch somethingcore, getting their grind/powerviolence up in those tunes. Their split with Monolithian has had quite a few spins and their approach to songs is really interesting. Crazy, kindhearted people who love to lose their shit on stage and be angry through music.

- THE HOTLINES: I almost forgot the Brighton cuties. Beach-inspired power pop punk fit for any party, even funeral parties. It has been said they have raised people from the dead just by playing Face The Music. They are one of those bands that will make you smile at any time. Even when you're being murdered, they'll still do the trick. Make sure to always carry their music on an MP3 player or discman or something. You never know when you're gonna die, but you better do it smiling. Right?!

That's the bulk of it. There's loads more that I like, but not to the same degree.
Shout-outs go out to Stillbust, Thekidisfireworks, Losing Sleep, Bangers, Nai Harvest, Speedboat Salesmen, Sleeping Lessons, Gnarwolves and buncha others.

Just letting you know what I dig.

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