afternoon punx

De vleesklak who runs Vleesklak Records set up a show yesterday, and it was really cool. Good job Brame. Also I wanna do a shout out to Wim Bite Down, who apparently checks the blog, and he bought some zines, so he's mega rad and I wanna thank him for that.

The show started at 15:45, nothing cures Sunday Blues like a good hardcore show, right? Idiot Convention kicked off, they were ok. There was no bass player, and even though the guitarist had some neat riffs up his sleeve, it did sound a bit flat. Nothing special, good band with good intentions but nothing memorable, for now. Maybe I'll see them again and think they're really good. that has happened before.

Next up were Gewoon Fucking Raggen. Rotterdamn hardcore punx with one of the best names out there. Also their logo is ripped off from the Rotterdam Terror Corps shiznit, so that's funny. Funnily enough, they were really good. I didn't expect that, but they absolutely ripped it up live and played a tight set with great riffs, insane drum parts and bass riffs that made my balls shrink. Really good. The drummer was pretty wired up and played for like, 10 minutes straight before they even started their set. I later heard he has ADD, figures...
Cool band!

Next, Bite Down up in that biatch. Slowly becoming a band I really like, at least in their genre of music. The new line-up is great and the set blasted through a series of short songs with fearless verocity and half-decent precision. No pretension, just powery violence in full force. This was supposed to be there release show for the Mangle split 7", but as it sometimes goes, they didn't arrive in time. Bummer. I did buy a CD, which has their 2 previous EPs on it (from 2009 and 2010) and a shirt, which looks dope as fuck. Looking sharp.

My Man Mike. South Korean hardcorepunk three-piece, pretty cool. Not necessarily really cool, but it was entertaining enough and they played a decent set. It takes some balls to tour Europe, being a band from over there, so that's something. If you're into bands that take risks and play good music, and you wanna support such bands, check 'em out. They still know what it's all about and don't back down to borders, both geographically and musically. Good band.

After a good meal consisting of fries and chicken wings,  I watched Reproach shred it up. it was still only 18:30 so they didn't get the reaction they mostly get, but there was some dancing going on and the 'Pelt dudes played a cool set. Brame came out with a drinking hat for the drummer, of which the drinks were pretty much immediately spilled all over. Funny stuff. Good show, good band, Reproach, what do you expect?

Good Sunday.

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