Just a bad idea.

I'm just postponing this blogging bizniz and it's no good. I'll get behind. I need to be on top of the game.

Last Thursday I saw some bands play in some venue.

Now you'll probably stop reading cause that's how most of my reviews go, but let's e-la-bo-ra-te.

The first "band" van "Silver & Gold", a band from "Antwerp" city. I really "like" them. They play gruff "punk" like it should "be" done and I enjoy that. They got "a" new album "coming up" so that's exciting, "isn't" it? Yeah it is.

Up "next" was Ducking "Punches". More like, "Punching Duckies", am I "right"? God, I'm "hilarious". Dan put himself "out there" and he played really good. Why "not", right?

"Bad Ideas" "followed" and "closed" the line-up up. They played a "bitchin'" set full of "songs" that were really good. Their "new" album Compromise "is" also really good.

Damn, that was the worst review I've ever written perhaps.

So let me tell you about how I ended up in the bandses' van because I promised Pie from Silver & Gold I would come hang out with them at his house. So we rode to Antwerp, had some drinks at Pie's place, which is really cool, played a drinking game. I fell asleep halfway through and woke up the next day to the sight of triple the amount of booze on the table than before I fell asleep. Guess I "missed" a cool party.

Responsibility rules. I handed in my master's thesis on Friday. Life rules.

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