Post-poning. That's my style. More like, post-pwning, am I right?

I am not right. This past Friday I went to a show by a man called Tim Vantol, backed by a band called The Misprints. I really only wanted to see Coma Commander but I ended up not.

They were supposed to play second, for some reason they play first and due to circumstances we only got there when they were done.

Anyway, I did see The Whaler perform. More like, the wailer, am I right? I am not right. I walked in while he was performing Blue Carolina by Alkaline Trio. I loved him immediately. He covered Teenage Dirtbag and some other cool songs. I stopped loving him when he played his own songs, though. Just a tad monotonous. It was good, but I was not in the mood for a mediocre Elliott Smith rip-off. But anyone who covers the Trio is a good man in my book. I complimented him for that.

Tim Vantol was cool. People were kinda crazy about him but I guess I'm not 'with it'. I should probably also say I'm not into the whole Frank Turner hype either, as I assume those are similar artists. Anyway, the violin player was smiling all of the time, which was cool to see, and the whole band was having an genuinely fun time apparently, which translates into a fun show for the crowd as well. Good job, Timmeke.

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