Coffee Spivs

Friday night is party night, right? Wrong, last week it was soccer night. You were only allowed to party if you liked soccer. I couldn't give two shits about soccer, unfortunately.

Yet I managed to put on my party-clothes and go to the Klinker to see if anyone was up for it. Few people were on the "up for it" side of life, though.
I had won a duoticket through the radical Soul Food Radio, so that was really cool cause normal entrance was 8 or 10 euros. Wack. So I went to the punkshow, wit my bud Stijn en a couple of other doofuses who give too few shits about soccer.

The Priceduifkes started and they played a set. I literally cannot tell you anything more. Ehm, I can try. They did good. It had been a while since I had seen them so it was all cool. coolcoolcool.

The Accelerators from the great Rotterdam area were up next. I spent too much money on drinks so once again I failed in buying their new record, but live they still sound solid as fuck. Ox is a great frontdude and the band ripped through the set as a punk rock party machine. Of course, with the high stage and the ratio of roomspace to people being 10:1 or something, it didn't translate all too well. But I thoroughly enjoyed their tunes, new and old. Good job!

I had never even heard about Thee Spivs before I saw the poster for this show. But they're friggin' cool! They're a Britsh punk band. Need I say more? Big The Jam-vibe, and all those other early UK punk/mod/new wave bands. Buzzcocks and such. You get the picture, right? Really cool show, just fun, quirky, awesome.

Stijn drove me home. He wasn't sober. I got home safe. I guess he did too. I trust Stijn.

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