Bouncing Sjaals

When in doubt, don't hesitate. I decided to go to the Bouncing Souls show because why wouldn't I? There are a couple reasons why I wouldn't go (entrance was 18 euros, support wasn't too exciting, ...), but the Souls are well worth it and it was and excuse to head out of the comfort of my dorm room into the comfort of the punk rock show. Everyone is my friend at the punk rock. Well, not everybody, but symbolically they are.

Iris, who apparently frequently reads this blorgh (really cool, thanks), told me I should write that the Bouncing Sewls were "super good". While I fully agree to that sentiment, I am determined to write more than 2 words about this show. Why? Because I can. And when you run a succesful blog (heh), you gotta please your entire audience.

First I wanna thank de Vinger for driving my ass there and acquiring an MC Karel shirt that he wore to the show. Publicity, awesome! He's a really great dude.

Secondly I wanna thank the Headshots for playing a good show, even though the weather was pretty unbearable. Most of the answers to the question "how are you?" that night were something like "alright, but it's pretty hot". It was pretty insane. Anyway, Headshots are a good band, the new songs sounded really good live, pick up their new EP if you have the chance. They closed their set with White Riot which was a good idea.

Thirdly I wanna thank friends, acquaintances and other punx people for allowing me to hang out during the Agitators. Not really my kinda thing. Too generic, repetitive and really just too cool for me. But it was nice talking to people who I don't see on a weekly basis.

Fourthly I'd like to thank the Bouncing Seals. You know you've had a succesful career as a punkrock band when your entire set consists of hit songs. Seriously, what the fuck was that? They were great start to finish, everyone seemed to be having fun, like a good punk show should be. I spent the show dancing and having fun with the West-Flemish punx delegation, and ended up on the floor during True Believers for some reason. I think somebody fell on my face. Punx. So yeah, the show was "super good". That basically sums it up.

Also, they had scarfs for sale. On a summer tour. Wack.

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