dees is van ons AKA BLOG POST #300 WHOO

Last Saturday, The Setup officially released their new record, This Thing Of Ours. It's their 4th full length. I haven't heard it entirely cause I spent all my money on beers and consequently wasn't able to buy it. I will, however, do so when I get the chance, because I believe it will be good. I've heard 3 songs, 2 of which are mediocre and 1 of which is really good. So I'm going for good.

Anyway, Cub Kamikaze, free show, super rad venue, waddup?! The sun was out, beers were had, perfect evening.

I missed Ashes because I was late. Darn it.

I did see Dead End Sin rip it up. Good band, good dudes, they got the hardcore backed.

Saw a couple of Crooks songs. Pretty terrible. I didn't understand what they were playing. The first song sounded so off-beat it was weird. And they had these weird intermezzos and such. Not my cup. I didn't get it at all.

Hangouts instead. Great hangouts, actually. Such a nice evening.

Dead Harts (not to be confused with Dead Hearts) sounded alright, but I was having too much fun hanging to really care for a hardcore band at the moment, so I skipped them too. Sorreh.

I was basically there to see The Setup once again, it had been a while. And whaddayaknow, they ripped the place apart. Classics and new songs, all good and heavy as fuck. I went for beers when they started playing Hostile Eyes, needless to say I lost my beers immediately. Lotsa people going nuts, and I couldn't help myself. I just had to go nuts. It was an ancient power in me that forced me to lose shit and do my best mosh moves. The Setup killed it as usual and I felt 16 again, hardcore was the coolest thing ever again and they were my favourite band in the world again. Okay, the line-up is 80% different from when I was 16 but the old songs and the vibe of some of the new songs still do it. They ef me up, man.

TRIVIA: My bud Robby broke his fucking leg. Fucking fuck. That's 1) fucked up and 2) so fucking hard core. Mostly fucked up and a major bummer, though. Best wishes and such.

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