I'm here to say: "I'm here to say"

I'm lazy. I kno-how. Here's what happened last Saturday.

It was Dimitri & Jef's birthday partay, which was hella fun. I got hella drunk and I did my first show as MC Karel. Oh geez.

First up was fries. I went to the same place as I did last time I was in Roeselare. The fries are really good but they ruin it by putting a literal ton of salt on them. Kinda ruined everything. Also, the guy behind the counter came to the venue at like, 2 am later that night and was all coked up and fucked. Weird. Only in Roeselare.

Then beers. I was on time, so rather early actually. Good amount of people, it promised to be a good night. After a while the first band took the stage: Eastwood.
Holy moley. Good shit. They covered Hot Water Music's Jack Of All Trades, and I guess they draw a close comparison to Hot Water Music, and stuff like The Loved Ones, Latterman, all that jazz. They're a really cool band, definitely worth checking out and seeing live. Bass playing was pretty original and creative, the riffs were great, punchy yet fuzzy (that doesn't add up...). Great show, I wanna see them again.

Saw half of No Refund. They did a Copyrights cover. They're young dudes, and I think it's really cool to see those guys play and jam out. They still have to sort shit out, musicwise and like, playing tight and stuff, but generally they're walking a good road and they're doing what they like, which I admire.

Next were The Lamourettes. I favoured hanging out outside and getting drawn on by this weirdo guy Jordi over it. Maybe not the best decision I ever made.

Then it was time for The Helltons, I think. They killed it. They're such a great band and it's a shame they aren't famous. Buncha french guys were there, so it was lotsa fun. Listen to the Helltons if you aren't already. Crucial stuff.

Wank For Peace was the last band. They ruled. They're kinda all over the punk rock place and it was really cool. they did a Blink cover I didn't recognize until 1 minute in. Really enjoyed it, bought the record, the whole shebang.

Then it was time for MC Karel. I couldn't hear the music really well so I didn't know if I was on the beat or not. I was also really drunk so I forgot my lines and kinda skipped parts and it was really awkward but kinda fun.

I also did an acoustic session for MC Karel with Jordi, which will possibly be featured on the Sunglasses Sessions thing.


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