Summer in Fucktober

Normally I would do a big blog post about last weekend, which was the Summer In October festival, aka The Greatest Festival In The World (Perhaps).
But I really can't. And that makes me sad to this very day. I've got 2 reasons for it.

REASON 1: No Saturday fun.
My parents were having a big party for their anniversary and the housewarming and I really couldn't get out of that, so I could only go on Friday. Fuck my fucking life. Minus 1000 punx points.

REASON 2: Friday night killed, well, Friday fun.
I drank too much. Or I didn't but I couldn't handle it either way. I partied to the Dutch Rudders, Maladroit and possibly the Accelerators. Then I went to see The Murderburgers and I went to the toilet (which I apparently didn't even make) to puke my fucking guts out. Apparently I spent the rest of the Murderburgers show at the back of the venue feeling bad. I don't know. I feel like a fucking idiot. I am a fucking idiot.

I missed Kristof Verwhite too because I went to bed because of that.

I woke up feeling okay and having swastikas and "JIZZ" written all over my face. Gotta love Jordi "fuckface" Ostir.

The Dutch Rudders
were great. I like them. They have good songs.
Maladroit was awesome. We played Twister in da pit. They're really good.
Accelerators must have been good. I heard they were really good. I believe that.
Fraser Murderburger played in a duck suit. I remember that.

So, I'm primarily bummed for not being able to go on Saturday and for being a total fuck-up on Friday.
I hope everyone who was there had The Greatest Time Of Their Lives and perhaps enjoyed the This Ain't Summer In October festzine I made (if you missed it, there are still some left!).

Support punk rock. This Shit Town. De Kroenkel (I'm sorry for apparently puking on your restroom door/floor/pissijn, I really am). De Lenny. The bands.

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