The Welly's

So, the beloved Wellingtons from Australia are on tour again, and they played a couple shows in Belgium last weekend. I was super sad cause I couldn't go on Friday or Saturday, but luckily they had a last-minute show in Herenthout on Sunday, so I was happy. I like being happy way more than being sad.
I met those guys and gals in Italy last year and they're really nice and I like them and I like their music a lot so yay!

First band, though, was Coma Commander, playing their third show apparently. Didn't sound like it. It was tight, great and cool punk rock music! Whoa!

Then the Wellingtons. One of my favourite bands, not really punk rock but really good and fun and nice and likeable. They played really good songs with kinda bad sound but they did their absolute best to give it their absolute best. The new songs sound really cool, like Devil In A Cardigan is a really cool song. Zac also dedicated Come Undone to me, which was a cool thing to do. I'm glad I've discovered their music and met them. They were really cool people last year and they still are really cool people, cool right? I know! Their drummer moved to Sweden so he isn't in the band anymore which was a shame cause he wa pretty rad. But the new drummer was also rad! They played a Ramones cover called I Wanna Be Sedated! That's a good song. I mean, the Ramones did it better, but come on, the Ramones did almost everything better! So that's tough! Nonetheless the Wellingtons played a fun show, which is great because I like fun shows! Great set, great vibe, good songs, some beers, nice Sunday surprise!
I also bought a 10" EP and I semi-jokingly asked them to sign it and they did it and now I have a super special version of their EP Hey Hey, which you should buy, by the way.

I hope you've also seen 'em and if not you should definitely go next time cause, you know, that's a fun thing to do. And there was this guy whose name I don't know/remember who also thought it was good and this girl who also thought so I think. So that's saying something right!

This has been a fun show review. Kinda stream of consciousnesslike, which results in using the same words but I think it's a fun way to describe a show cause I get sick of using fancy words sometimes.

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