To live and die with lions

A couple of years ago I heard Dude Manor by Living With Lions. Sure, I liked it. That's abaout all I have to say about that.

I had nothing to do on Monday night but it was brought to my attention by the wonderful Facebook taht Living With lions were on tour and playing Antwerp that night. Well... okay! I'll go! If you insist!

So I arrived and I was the first person there. I guess I was kinda early but then again the whole night saw like 10 to 20 people. Quite a shame, quite a bummer. I don't know why, maybe Monday blues, maybe Living With Lions isn't cool enough, maybe there was another punk rock show. Who knows.

My buds in Off The Charts opened that shit up. I think 4 people watched. Anyway, good set, you know the drill. OWTH cover. New songs. Less new songs.

Marathonmann (dubbed Maratonijnman by Armin OTC) from Germany was the support tour act for Living With Lions. Honestly, I didn't think it was gonna be any good, but they totally proved me wrong. Screamo-ish band, hints of that Title Fight sound that's so popular right now. They sing in German. They had a great time on stage and I liked it so I bought their 7". Cause why wouldn't I?

Living With Lions were really great. Apparently they used to have a frontman or even 2, I'm not sure. Anyway, now it's the guitar player singing. He did a great job. Not much to say other than that. The drummer looked like Ward from Dutch Rudders and the guitar player like Eddy from Thuis. Fun trivia. I enjoyed the show, it was a lousy turn-out and I missed the encore due to train schedules.

I also went to a party, got home a 5 pretty drunk and had to wake up at 9. Whoo!

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