Rockcafé show, agaiiiin.

I missed a couple of bands, then arrived when Countdown was playing. Such a cool bands. Vocals are absolutely terrifying (=positive!). I love the dark sound, the heavy riffs and the overall intensity of this band.

A Strength Within. Crazy. They play every show at their very best and this was no exception. Even with Tom's finger injury he still kicked the fuck out of those jams. Mike was slightly ill and his vocals were less brutal than normally, but it was still good. I'm really glad these guys are getting more and more response, they're probably the hardest working band in Belgium (like, objectively). The songs are there, the attitude is there, the performance is there. The people were there. And they danced hard. Oh, how they danced. It was a show upon which one could definitely say "hardcore lives". Oh, how it lives...

Another evidence that hardcore lives is Overthrown. All the way from Singapore on their European tour with the Strength and also No Turning Back. And they killed it. The vocalist was awesome. I remember "MOVE" being yelled like, literally a thousand times. I guess he wanted to see people dance. I understand. Dancing is fun. I remember "I DON'T KNOW THIS MIC. I DON'T KNOW THIS STAGE" which was I thought was a cool line. I remember talking about meeting people in the pit, making friends at hardcore shows. Positive attitude and cool songs. Great band, you should check 'em out. People seemed to be into it. They played a Sick of It All cover, too. I don't like Sick Of It All, though.
Anyway, super fun show, everybody was having fun, dancing or just enjoying an energetic show from 4 guys from the other side of the world.

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