The wolves

Rockaway Beach is blasting on Studio Brussel nobody here seems excited about that. Weird.
Anyway there's nothing to do at my internship now so I'll do a blog post. I also have to finish my preperatory sheet for my thesis but I'm not really feeling that. It's 12 o'clock so I'll guess we'll eat something soon. I'm excited to eat something.? I'm hungry.

Oh, right! Blog post! It's about this show I went to on Sunday. It was in café Paradox in Kessel-Lo. I'd never been there. It was cool. Really big. Like a pool bar but without pool tables. Just really big actually. It was hardcore night, set up by the guys in Ashes. Real cool.

First band was Tomorrow We Fight. Young dudes playing their 3rd show or something. It wasn't good. It was pretty bad actually. Tempos were off, solos were off, rhythms were off, riffs were all similar and overdone. But I don't wanna be all negative about these guys (I'm actually rarely negative about bands) cause at least they're fucking doing it. They stand there with their instruments. They wrote the songs! They butchered this Parkway Drive cover (oops!)! They are into it and are doing their best to make something of it. It wasn't all bad, either, my head was nodding sometimes and some parts were actually well-composed and really interesting. Give these guys some time and they'll "get there", wherever that is. I mean, there was one song that started with a breakdown! Gotta give them credit for that!

Second band were Dutchies called This Is History. At first the high-pitched vocals really put me off, but after a while it started to sound kinda cool. Music-wise: heavy shit. Really cool. I got really into, I did a blitz-mosh during one song. They had really cool riffage and didn't rely on clichés to get their sound across. Just raging, aggressive and creative hardcore. Need to check out.

Ashes followed. They rule. They ruuuuuuuuuule. Seriously, they're really good. They played a lot of songs and they're angry and stuff. The crowd started getting wild, ferocious even, and when they played their "hit song" Losing Track things went wack. Their demo Hold On is really good, you guys, so pick it up. There's a few copies left. Cool dudes with hearts in the right places and minds set to rage.

I went to grab pizza during Running Out. I caught bits of it and it sounded cool so I kinda regret not seeing it. Dutch band, groovy hardcore.

Violent City closed the night. Holy fuck. The place exploded. Bar-dives, stagedives, ignorant mosh. Coolness! Violent City plays kinda old school hardcore and the kids seemed top go wild for what they were doing. Great set, good times. Finally bought the new CD. About time.

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