Oh, Rockcafé, how you keep me entertained in times of boredom, work, school and internship.
Last week (on Tuesday, I know, I'm slacking this blog big time) there was another punk rock show with punk rock bands playing punk rock songs on a starry punk rock night. Every night is a punk rock night.

I arrived halfway into Altitude's set. I had a date with pizza at 7 and the show supposedly started at 7:30. Of course, just this once, the Kickass dudes started their show on time, so I was a tiny bit tardy. No worries though. Altitude was cool, man! Kinda poppy but very much rocking. A bit too much blaccering in between songs, but okay. I can see that through the fingers (dutchism!). I'd like to see these guys again, which is a goal most bands try to reach with their audience, so good job on that, Altitude!
The again, they covered NOFX' Linoleum. Ok, everyone, come on. Stop doing that. Pick another song. Make things interesting. And don't do Bob either. Or True Believers, Or, god help me, Bro Hymn. No offense, but at least try to shake it up a bit.

Next band up: Off The Charts. It is no secret that I have a mancrush on these guys, so sorry that I'm biased. They started out with a new song, actually an old new song. I haven't seen them play in quite a while so I'm not so much up to date. Anyway, it was great. They seem to surpass all their previous efforts with every new song they make, which is a good thing! They played another new song as well which they dedicated to MC Karel, so that was cool. I wonder if MC Karel's popularity boomed after that night. The rest of their set was actually really tight. I've seen them play some good shows and some bad shows, this was among the good ones. I guess that counts for something? They always seem to pull through though and they're proving that they're an upcoming force to be reckoned with. Also, they did an Off With Their Heads cover - Clear The Air. See! That's a cool shoice for a cover. Not too obvious, not too convenient, yet fitting and something different.

Then it was the time for Rebuke. Swedish guys with a British drummer who drums in -I think- 90% of European skatepunk bands. The singer looked kinda like a crust viking bur he was actually really adorable when he was talking, which created a cool Scandinavian yuxtaposition. They're a cool band and put on a great show and all, but the music doesn't really cling or linger with me. It's there to enjoy, but it's gone the next second. I guess it's not so much my thing. Doesn't mean I won't go next time, and also doesn't mean I didn't buy the new EP en 7". Because I will and I did. I'm a sucker for poor bands.

So, get this. After the show we were all hanging out, and my friend was texting me saying I should go to this party. And I kinda sorta said I would so I felt obligated so I left the Rockcafé and it's hangout crew, among which the Dilbeek connection, a little early. Now, funny thing happened. First of all the party was pretty damn boring. Second of all I don't go to parties. Third of all I had to get up early the next morning. So I went home at about 00:45. And guess who passed by at the exact moment I got out on the street, away from the party? Yes, why, of course, the Dilbeek dudes. They apparently were driving around yelling at students. Which I thought was hella funny. So in a quick turn of events I was in the car with them, driving around the block, yelling at stupid students (whoa, great alliteration I made there!). That was odd, but a lot of fun. To top it off, they drove past and dropped me off at my dorm, so i didn't have to walk home. Man, these guys. These guys.

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