Not Frank Turner

I don't know this Frank Turner dude so on Friday the 30th of March I went to a hardcoreshow instead in a venue just a stone's throw from the MOD. Cool venue, actually, 't Paviljoen.

I didn't catch The Homeless but they're a pretty good band.

Rebuild was the first band I could enjoy. Such a great band. People were moshing and all that shit! Gijs is slowly becoming Belgium's best frontman, the dude cracks me up. Also just really good vocals to really good music. Awesome melodies over wack rhythms. I love seeing Chiel play drums cause it looks like he has no idea what he's doing but he actually does. Weird, right? Buy their EP and get stoked for the new songs. They sound great! "Rebuild is den beste build van Belgiƫ".

By the way, I think I drank a beer for every time Gijs yelled "GET WOOD CITY". No surprise I was pretty hammered by the end of the night.

Next band: Midnight Souls. I just want to say one thing: Midnight Souls need more mosh. They have finally made a record people can mosh to but nobody seems inclined to go at it (including myself, I'm a huge wimp). Anyway, they played a great set as always, first day of their tour. Great band, whoo!

Daylight followed and they're basically Title Fight but slowed down, as Dennis managed to tell me and I agreed. But I like Daylight. They have great songs, great melodies and the guy's voice is quite something. Also super lame audience. Hardcore hipsters don't like to move or sing along I think. Maybe I'm just weird. I don't belong at hardcore shows.

Last band was More Than Life. They have a couple cool songs but generally don't appeal to me. The crowd was into it, though, so I guess they're pretty good, or just popular.

After that I got really drunk, a lot a fun stuff happened and it was a good night! HARDCORE

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