Back to the garage

Garage shows are something else. They're DIY. They're cool. They're hella fun. They have a kinda different atmosphere throughout and it's punk as fuck. So good job to Bartje Punk of the Tantras to put on a show with the Respirators in his garage.

Before the show I quickly interviewed the Respirators cause Bart was all like "hey maybe you could interview them" and I was like "yeah, that'd be cool" and so we asked them and they were like "oh yeah, sure" and then I asked some silly questions because I had no idea what to ask but we had a fine chat and it'll be in the next 'zine. So stay tuned for that! The Respirators are really super cool dudes.

De Tantras started the night though, playing a classic Tantra show. They opened with Bitchkrieg, and played a bunch of great songs. TNT show, Danny, Old Generation, ... All the hits, plus some covers of the Ramones, the Trashmen, 2 Misfits songs, and even a Priceduifkes jam! I did a blitzdance, sang along and high-fisted Bart. (I went for the high-five and he went for the bro-fist and it ended all wrong and awkward but that's alright.) Great band!

The Respirators are a great band. They have the whole Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot, ... Midwest sound and I totally love that. Their singer also kinda looks like Zack from Rivethead/Dear Landlord/House Boat/... And there's two Jakob's in the band, fun fact. Also cool to see a European band do the gruff punk rock thing that cause I don't think there are many like it around. Anyway, they're on tour, from Denmark all over Europe and the show in the garage was super fun. Great musicians, great performance, bass player was incredible, vocals were sweet and the melodies ruled a lot. Just a great band. Get fucking psyched for their full length, which they are writing/recording at the moment. It's gonna rule.
New European sensation right here, putting Denmark on the pop punk map (together with the 20Belows).

Also Peabrain Records rules, buy their shit!

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