Hasselt rules

I've been to Limburg 3 times in about 1 week. I'm starting to like Limburg.
Yesterday was another show in xHasseltx.

First band was No Solution, straight edge youth crew hardcore something something something from France. Not my cup o' tea. Great energy and such, though. I think they played a Justice cover.

Second band: Truth Inside. Same thing, different continent. They're from Florida. I was more into this.

Violent City closed the evening. Started out with Judge's Fed Up and then played cool songs and I bought a cd. Whoo!

Grim also played. They're a weird band but it's really cool. It's the drummer and singer from Get Wise and Gijs Rebuild on guitar. They play mosh parts. I guess they're not really songs, just mosh parts. It's awesome. I'm confused.

Also hangouts, beers, scored a Just Say Yo zine and stomped to the train station sings Straight Edge Revenge/Kersed.

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