Monday morbidity


I didn't see the last band, Leagues Apart, cause I had to catch a train and I would see them today anyway, so yeah!

First up was Rebuild, all the way from Get Wood City, ready to play for a crowd of 10 in a place fit for 200 or something. And without a bassist. Silly dudes. They kinda pulled it off. The sound wasn't as strong without the bass and may not have been their best performance ever but I like seeing them play, hearing the songs and sing along every once in a while when I can remember the lyrics. I also moshed. I also was drinking a lot of beer, which could be the reason why I moshed.

Pizza time.

Minus Tree played next. They're from Italia. Hardcore with a somber edge. Not really good, but they had some jams, and Jordi was constantly saying I should mosh so I did. Alone. I guess they weren't bad but kinda uninspired.

Getting more and more shitfaced.

A Strength Within played next. I think they're a really great band, and especially the new songs slay. Great musicians, and Mike's a great frontman. But as always, lousy crowd reaction. quite a shame. People should dance to this.

Sleeping on the train.

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