CROSSBONE FEST - saturdayayayayay

Whoa, man. Must've been the best day of my life.
After waking up on a cold floor I went to the venue. The party didn't start until 5 pm but there were possibilities to hang out and stuff so that was good. Besides the hangouts, the swimming session, the jokes, the anti-hangover beers, the stupid woman at the sandwichbar and the general fun, Saturday was full of awesome bands.

Starting out with Off The Charts. I came in stomping during the second song or something because I love those guys and they play great music. The show pretty much sucked, though, haha. The songs sounded good, I'm superstoked for the new songs. They also played Off With Their Heads' Clear The Air, which is also a great song. Good guys! They also brought me pizza (which I yet have to pay, haha), so that's a win as well!

Next band was Tyred Eyes. Swedish garage punk band with a pretty lady on guitar and a Mario-look-a-like stereotyoe Swedish guy on bass. The bass sounded super bad-ass, by the way. It got my bass-boner going for sure. The songs were great, the show was good, just all-round a great band!

I didn't see Impo & The Tents because I interviewed Mikey Erg. I didn't see International Diamond Thieves because I didn't care about them, sorry. I kinda liked Teenage Gluesniffers but all the songs sounded the same so it wasn't really interesting. They did cover Jawbreaker's Boxcar and that was great.

But then the party started and it literally didn't stop. Every band was a band I wanted to see. Starting out with the Bat Bites. Holy fuck they're such a good band, and they played such a good show. I was singing along while eating pizza and when I finished my pizza I was dancing a bit. Their songs are great, the Joan Jett cover was great and they rule.

The Windowsill played next and they are also really cool. The show wasn't up to scratch, I guess, but I sang along cause the songs are just so dman catchy. Marino's voice rules.

The Dauntless Elite also played, and I was stoked to see them. It was their last day on tour, and they played a fine show. I sang along when I knew the lyrics, and sometimes I also sang along when I didn't know the words. I danced a bit. They definitely deserved more attention, cause they're awesome. Nicolas Cage also thought so. Their new record is amazing, check it!

Next: The Accelerators. They're a great band, but I didn't care to really check them out at the time. Sorry guys.

The Hotlines, though, they killed it. Wow, what a fucking awesome show. Including all their hit songs, 2 Queers covers (Psycho Over You and See You Later Fuckface) and a keyboard player.Song For All The Girls is such a great song. Great show, danced a lot, sang a lot, had a fucking lot of fun. WHOO!

The Real Danger put on an insane show, including OpIvy and Undertones covers, great songs of their own.

The Priceduifkes started World War III, with punk rock music. I think they played a House Boat cover, I could be wrong though. Insane either way, they're sooooo good.

I don't really have words for the show Mikey Erg did. He started out with Introduing Morissey, went on to play Hey Jealousy on request, WHICH WAS THE BEST THING EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE AND NOTHING WILL TOP THAT. Then hit song after hit song, Ergs! songs, solo songs, covers, and as encore he played some Dopamines songs, while the crowd was on stage singing, he played a Copyrights song, he played all these bitchin' songs and it was the best thing ever. I almost cried I think. Da is echt nen hele goeie mens.

I'm sad I couldn't see his acoustic show yesterday, but I loved every minute of his show.

Thanks a whole fucking lot, Lost Youth Records, Crossbonefest, for my favourite weekend ever.
I don't want stuff like this to end, it's just perfect. I'm watching punk rock shows, I'm hanging out with some of the coolest people ever, I meet so many new people, I get fucking shitfaced, I laugh my ass off, I fall on my baking house (dutchism) a whole lot and I don't give a fuck about anything but having fun.

Punk rock is literally the best thing that happened to me. I'm getting emotional now.


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