Leuven Apart

Tuesday night was showtime in de Sojo, mofo's.

First up were the Raunchy Rumors, a reduced equivalent of the Red Light Rumors, with only the guitar palyer and drummer. Rock 'n' Roll. Pretty good. Not necessarily my cup 'o tea. Kinda repetitive, perhaps? I don't know, I'd like to see them full-band once, though. That'd be better probably.

Leagues Apart. Missed them the night before in Zele, so I was excited. Guess what? These guys are awesome. It's weird I hadn't heard them before. Live performance was top notch, super energetic, loud and fast and gruffy. Check this out, No Idea vibe.

Nothington. Funny thing, I also missed them in Zele, although that was about 8 months ago. Great band, great show. I only really knew the last song they played (Where I Stand) but the rest sounded pretty good as well.

Mixed crowd reactions overall, but really fun night.
Also I went partying after and had to puke and stuff. Up the punx.

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