Expensive Monday

Hey! Remember Unbroken, that legendary hardcore/punk band from the nineties? Well, I don't, but they played a show in Hasselt yesterday and I had nothing better to do do yeah. I paid 18 euros for it as well. I bought 4 drink tickets at 2,20 a piece. That's already 26,8 euros. Da's meer as duuzend frang.

Anyway, the first band was This Routine Is Hell. Angry men from the North. The North is the Netherlands in this case. Just across the border, actually. Not really far away. Almost local, you could say. Anyway, they're angry. Dark hardcore music that sounded like a bad omen. But hell, it sounds awesome. Fast and pissed, Their new record is really good so you should pick it up! I scored a test press, by the way, pretty cool!

Second up: Midnight Souls. I had promised I would mosh hard but I didn't cause I wasn't drunk enough, I'm silly and the venue was too big. Maybe next time. Great band, great show, great songs, love 'em.

Unbroken played. Not my thing I guess. But for a lot of people it was their thing or it had been their thing so many years ago so I guess it's awesome they played another show. Couldn't see the entire set cause I had to catch a train, but that's life.

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