Punkrock is your friend

After the mainstream monstrosity of Tuesday I got back in my comfort zone at a real punkrock show. All the ingredients were there: the venue was a regular youth center (Vleugel F), beer was cheap, entrance was free, there were people I knew, there were not super many people, and I got drunk. WHOO!

First band were the Leuven resident skatepunk foundation Face The Fax. They get better everytime I see them. I mean, I think they're better everytime I see them. The new songs sound really good so go check that out ( http://facethefax.bandcamp.com/album/reboot-restart ). They covered a This Is A Standoff song, one off of Be Excited but I can't recall which one. Good cover anyway. Rest of the set was great too, these guys are full of energy and amazing melodies.

Next band were The Sex Toys. I had seen them a couple weeks ago and well, it was quite the same thing obviously. Cool band, they've gotten way better nowadays and they play some bitchin' covers as well! I found myself singing along to some of their own songs as well, so that's pretty cool!

The last band were the Priceduifkes. Seen these guys a million times already, but they never bore me. I actually haven't seen them a million times, but, like, a lot of times. They play everywhere. They played a rockin' set, some cool covers and got the few people who were still there dancing. As I was already drunk and careless at that point, I danced too and almost broke my glasses twice. Next time I'll take em off, I don't know why I didn't.

Tonight Punk Rock weekend part II in Zele. Whoo!

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