What up hardcore?

Hardcore has a lot of things to offer. Good music, meaningful lyrics, a sense of unity, helpfulness, also parties, dancing in various ways and feeling emotions. Hardcore is about going through the motions.
Midnight Souls understood that.

Yesterday they released their first full length record "Going Through The Motions" with a bang. A show in 't Verschil, an awesome youth center, with 5 other bands among which headlining band The fucking Carrier, playing their last Belgian show ever.
Upon arriving right before the first band was to play, there was already a lot of people. It's cool to see people coming early, being siked and the likes.

The Homeless kicked off the night. They're a good band. They are getting better it seems. The first couple of songs they played were really good. They played some EP stuff and some new stuff. The set was pretty intense, but it's not always easy opening so I think that kinda held them back? I don't know. I enjoyed the show. (Oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh.)

Next up were Daggers. Well... I don't know. Their music is good and all, but what the fuck? This set had more feedback in it than songs. This could've been a really, really good 15-minute set, but they made it a spun out and boring 30-minute set. I didn't get it, probably, but this was wack. Good band, there not from (dutchism), but I'd like to see them just go at it instead of doing weird interludes.

German time! Lasting Traces came up and they pretty much killed it. I wasn't blown away and they're not doing anything I haven't heard yet but they performed a really strong and intense set so that's definitely very cool.

More Germans! Together have played 't Verschil 3 times now, and I've seen 'em there 3 times, coincidentally. This band is so powerful. Their show becomes so much better every time and this was no exception. Such a great, great band, great riffage, great lyrics, great vibe. I love it. Modern Life Is War cover is still there, so that rules as well.

Then the Midnight Souls took over. I had been building up anger all afternoon and night (among others by drinking lotsa cheap beers) and at this point I felt I was angry enough to dance to the Midnight Souls show. Holy fuck. Their set was intense. Amazing. I think the Souls finally made a record you can mosh to, without losing touch with what they were doing. The new record is really off the hook. Accordingly, I moshed the hell out of me and others around me, played a lot of air guitar, sang along when I knew the words and got more angry by the minute. I loved it. They played Jawbreaker's Jet Black which was unreal. So awesome. It gave me shivers. The band obviously gave their all, like they always do, and it's cool to see them once again, now with a new record. They're definitely going a lot of places.

The Carrier concluded the night. Last European tour, last show in Belgium. I wanted to mosh but I was too tired to dance again so I just watched from the back. Great show, lotsa fun, lotsa emotions. I'm not so familiar with their latest record but everything sounded fine. Best moments were No 51 and Memoirs, those are probably some of my all-round favourite hardcore songs. Great band.

I need to work on my physique so I can dance more.

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