CROSSBONE FEST - fridayayayayayay

Without any doubt one of the best weekends I will have this year. (Other contestants are th Groezrock festival and the Summer In October festival)
Let's start off by giving "mad props" (this means "a lot of praise") for everyone who helped to set up Crossbone fest. Holy fuck, it was insane.

It all started on Friday, which is hardcoreday. After eating a pizza that was way too cheesy (no pun) I arrived at the venue in time to catch the first band. That was Trapped Inside. There's a girl singing, and some dudes playing hardcore music. I'm not a hardcorekid, and the hardcore I do listen to will probably be frowned upon by the hardcorekids, so I'm just gonna go with 'good show'. I don't really know. Could've been really great, could've been mediocre. It wasn't bad!
DRS/Dr. Schnabel played next. They're a couple of kids from the other side of the country coming to play fast trashy hardcore. That's cool!
I didn't really get Conviction. Not the cup of tea of mine.
Get Wise was cool. I don't know. they had a good vibe. I was getting pretty drunk. Good music to hit people by.
Shredder was cool and all.
Rebuild played a home game. I moshed and got hit in the head a lot so I stopped. I'm a fragile kid, and Rebuild's fans aren't. Awesome show, this is an amazing band. I finally managed to get the EP, stoked! You should get it too! And if you're a tough dude, you should mosh at their shows!
Insanity Alert was really awesome. Crossover band with Heavy Kevy/Kevin Aper/Kevin Stout. He rules, and the rest of the band as well. Really cool songs, cool performance and all that.
Didn't really see Vitamin X.
Mikey Erg & the Pricepigeons played a set of hardcore and punk classics which was great. Started out with Project X, and further on they covered Descendents, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Psyched To Die and Black Flag I think. It was great. It's fun to dance to Straight Edge Revenge while being shitfaced. It's also fun to dance, period. Mikey Erg is a really good person.

Afterparty was good, don't remember a lot. Jelle Gommers took over the DJ booth so it must've been good. Danced, got drunkererer and eventually just left for no reason. Kinda weird.

Slept horribly, but felt really great.

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