Zele what the fuck.

Yesterday I was in Zele and I'm still not good of it (dutchism).
The punk rock/ska show was in Juvenes and it was the release show for CanIrepeed's demo. Cool!

First band was No Refund, youngsters out of Zele City. I understood it was only their third show or something. They're a pop punk/punk rock band. Their songs weren't half bad, I guess I liked what they were playing. They played a Dear Landlord cover which was really bad though and a cover of Country Roads that was not so good. But yeah, their own songs sounded alright, it wasn't tight but they're just starting out so I'll cut them some slack of course. I'm curious where these guys'll end up!

Second band of the night were the Morning Woody's. Ska in the pickitup-style. I mean, it's good but it gets pretty boring to me. But they were a fun band, so thumbs up.

Time for pizza. Whoo! With pepperoni, that shit was hot, but good.

Then the PDS played. I'd seen them the day before so I wasn't really in for any surprise. Best band, seriously. Danced like hell, which was pretty tiring because I just ate a whole pizza. Fell down a couple times, that shit's always funny. Mosh, stagedives, singalongs, high fives, whoo! Great guys!

Scheisse Minelli took the stage. Really drunk Germans playing fast hardcore. I think they're a real cool band, but they did smash a mic which makes them kinda assholes. On the other hand, when I went to buy a CD they gave me a shot of vodka, so that makes them awesome. Good band, good vibe!

CanIrepeed finished the night. I'm not a ska kind of guy. I used to listen to a lot of it, and nowadays I still like the skapunk/skacore kind of thing, the rough, gruffy and fast kind. I didn't know what Kanariepiet sounded like so I was surprised when I found out I really dug it. They have like 9 members, among which a horn section of 3 or 4. They sound ska-ish, but there's a lot more going on and most of the time it works a treat. The horns were really good actually, quite creative. I really dug the lead vocalists' timbre and the harmonies with the backing vocals. All in all, one helluva par-tay, lotsa fun, and a great demo. Everyone go buy the demo!

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