Line Out+F.O.D.

Wednesday night I decided to check out Line Out and F.O.D. in Antwerp punk rock city. Antwerp is far from a punk rock city. It sucks. There were not many people in de Rots. Like, 2 or 3 I guess.

Line Out is an Italian punkrock band, on tour. They were super shy but put on a decent show. Taking sounds from power pop, melodic punk rock and straight catchy pop punk, they played some nice tunes I'd gladly hear again. unfortunately they didn't have any recordings (with them). Real cool band, and they even were kinda excited they got to play for a lousy 3 people, so I think that's admirable. Check them out please!

F.O.D. played a show. It was... "aight". Nothing more to say about it, haha. But they're really great guys and were pretty funny on stage as well. So check them out too, normally they put on a good show!

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  1. haha
    "normally they put on a good show"

    zegt genoeg ;-)