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Oh God I had the chance to see Mikey Erg Monday evening. In Bonn. In Germany. In the BLA bar. And we ate burgers at Frittebud. It was awesome.

First band were The Arteries. I once read an interview with them and they seemed a cool band and apparently they are a cool band! The singer has lots of hair but also a great voice! The band played really tight and the songs sounded great!

Second up was The Slow Death, featuring Mikey Erg on drums. The singer was drink and couldn't help but explain that fact every once in a while. They played pretty good though. They are undoubtely from the Minneapolis area. Great show.

Mikey Erg then cam on stage with his guitar and I was overwhelmed. I was sooo happy to see this little nerdy dude who wears glasses that don't even stay in place. He started playing songs and it was amazing cause he played songs I love. Ergs! songs, the occasional cover and the occasional Mikey Erg song. The Ergs! songs were the coolest cause The Ergs!, for me, were one of the coolest bands ever. Consequently I enjoyed the show thoroughly, sang along a lot and got all emotional and stuff. He played Books About Miles Davis and at the end the guys from the other bands jumped in to do the grand finale and it was so cool. He played Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama as an encore I think and he left it at that.
The whole show was just him playing freaking powerchords, singing some lines and keeping hold of his glasses but it was one of the coolest damn things I've ever seen. Amazing songwriter. Amazing dude.
Seeing him again at Crossbonefest! Syke!

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