Bands 'n' stuff

So Friday night is a usual show night.
The start of a weekend and the end of the working week. For me it's pretty much the reverse but nevermind.

No Way Out play pop punk. 5 really young dudes from Hamme I think (making them the 2nd Hamme-band I saw last week) with great ideas. The live show wasn't all that jazz, though. Not really tight, but considering they're still a young band with not that much stage experience 'n' stuff I'll let that slip. Songs were pretty neat, great whoa-ohs. The vocalist has a pretty palatine sound I guess. Catchy tunes, sometimes a bit flattekes but definitely listenable.

A Hero Build followed and they, well, they rule. Took a minute to get used to the vocals because I expected something else but it was aight 'n' stuff. So they have an EP out that ya'll should check and they played all of it live plus a cover of No Trigger (I think it was Bust Tropical but I could be wrong though). One guitar player did the Propagandhi thingy with his guitar. Lots of energy, they were surely into it and I'm really impressed actually.
(Also, cute bass player.)

Last band was Drunktank from the Netherlands. They won't play for a while after November because of things 'n' stuff, but I caught them in Mechelen. Never seen or heard them before, but they were great. Skatepunk, as I expected, with supertechnical riffs. Sometimes I was thinking they tried too much because it seemed too "constructed", but overall I was into it and they put on a hell of a show. A variety of vocals makes it all the more interesting and a good sense of fun makes it, well, fun.
'n' stuff.

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