Defend pop punk

Wow. Busy weekend. It all started on Friday with a show in HJ Kavka, Antwerp. Great show I guess.
Went to party afterwards, crazy shit. Anyway, not relevant.

I missed Filler but my friend told me they were great so I bought a demotape and apparently they're great. Win-situation!

I watched Transit play but they were kind of boring. Some slightly better songs but most of the time it didn't get to me. Pretty wired. Cool Millencolin cover though. Probably still better than Millencolin ever played it live. Can't say for sure though. Not bad, but not great.

Missed/skipped Balance And Composure due to no definite interest and hangouts. I've heard they were cool though. They probably were. Everything is cool.

Title Fight was the reason I came to the show. They were the only band on the line-up that I kinda knew. I've heard their first album and it's really great. They put on a great show, with lots of energy on stage. They have great songs, but it was really remarkable that their songs sound really similar. Not that I care, I listen to pop punk that all sounds teh same. As long as it's good, they can write the same song over and over for all I care. Really enjoyed the show, sang along to the songs I knew/recognized and danced a tiny tiny bit. Had fun mostly. Great band, genuine guys and extremely young, damn!

Than the DJ played NoFX and Black Flag, and we hit the city until the early hours. Great night.

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