Hardcore's back in town

Ever heard about this style of music they call hardcore punk? Well, it appears that it is, as they say, alive!
I went to do some research on the subject yesterday and from empirical evidence it is deducted that hardcore indeed lives.

The first phase of the research was by means of a band called Dead End Sin, whose rehearsal room was also the venue. Insane. Super cool venue. Dead End Sin pulled off a decent show but I'm not into it, it has too many breakdown for my tender body. However, they're dedicated to what they do and that's what counts. +1 for hardcore.

The next evidence was the fury of The Ignored. I've heard their stuff on compact disc (that's a CD, noobs) and I think they're great but their live show absolutely slays (as opposed to The Setup (see later), whose show kills). There're like 4 people who do vocals in this band. Great harmonies ensue. Great songs, lots of powerage, energy and primarily a sense of enthusiasm! They did a True Believers and What Happened? cover. They played a lot of great songs of their own. Whoo, fun times! +1

For earlier data we can conclude that Homer is top-notch melodic punk rock/hardcore material. They're loud, they're catchy, they're rocking and they're simple really good. They played some new songs off the upcoming album and it's probably gonna be a smash hit. +1

Countdown would still have to convince me, as I am a Countdown-virgin. Never heard 'em before. But HOLY FUCK THEY ARE LOUD. Damn, girl. Really good band, get into it. I know I will! +1

Groundbreaking proof came with the release show for A Strength Wihin's Still Searching EP. It was pretty much the funnest show I have done in a while. Hardcore dancing, regular dancing, circle pit dancing, sing-along dancing. Atmosphere was just delightful, show was hard as nails and the new songs are sooooo good. Funny thing is that the EP has been out since June I guess, but that's cool. The dudes played their hearts out as always and they take pride in what they do and what they're part of. They're goddamn honest and they shred like hell. Guns Up cover and Still Searching as encore song, again, they had already played pretty much everything they put out. Great show, great atmosphere, great band. +1

The Setup is a force I had actually pretty much forgotten about but I still love this band a lot. But you know, when The Setup plays, The Setup kills. I was dissappointed in myself that I had forgotten a lot of lyrics to songs I used to spin regularly. The show was ace though, played classics like Out Of Sync and Winter, played Hostile Eyes which has one of the best riffs they've ever written and ended it all with motherfucking Death Of A Nation. The mosh was off the hook, got hit in the teeth at one point and as my teeth are pretty fragile I stood back for a while. Couldn't help getting back in and dancing again, cause I was really in the mood. Sometimes I have to let the hardcore kid in me out and dance like there's no tomorrowwwww. +1
Also it's been ages since I've seen The Setup perform, so it was just awesome.

In sum, best show in ages, I had so much fun. Buy Still Searching. Support local bands.
The place was packed so that's another factor as to why hardcore would be alive. Thrilled to see so many peepz show up at a show with only Belgian bands.


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