Q: What does a ska band say when they release a new album?
A: pickituppickituppickitup!

As you might have guessed by the silly joke, I went to a ska show on Friday. It was time to get down so I did. Well, kind of, I have no idea how I have to get down. I'll have to check up on that.
The show was a Rock Café show. Now, the Rock Café isn't the biggest place (actually it's pretty small) and if the bands alone count about 5 to 7 members each, it gets pretty full. It was probably the biggest audience I had ever deen in the Rock Café. Insane but super cool and super fun.

First band was Poor Excuse For A Human, a skapunk band from Ghent who play skapunk songs. Pretty good, some cool covers of Goldfinger, NoFX and Mad Caddies, and some good tunes. Vocals, however, were monotonous as fuck and the party-vibe was kinda missing. Not a bad show, but I wasn't really impressed. Sorry guys.

Then Airplane was there, from Brussels, and they represent party. More on the ska-ska side but really really good. Song in English, Spanish, French, … All kind of stuff. They played the Tetris tune. They were incredibly fun. They looked happy. They got a party going. They covered motherfucking Ace Of Spades as a ska song. Best thing I've heard in my life. I'm not the ska freak but these guys were killing it. Best band of the night.

Next up was The Coconut Butts from Germany. Saw the first half of their set and it was pretty good. Really rude boy-ish and pretty typical actually. Fun band, but I had my belly full of ska at the moment (dutchism!) so I went to have a beer downstairs.

Last band was Overweight. Fun fun fun. Got me dancing almost I think!

So yeah, I got my ska shot for the year. Thanks!

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