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Have I told you about the millions of bands I didn't see at Fest last year because I was either too drunk, too sexually active, at another band's show and/or not willing to wait in line? Well, one of those bands was Laura Stevenson And The Cans. That same night, in a sketchy hotel in Gainesville, I actually had a dream that I saw her perform with her band. That was definitely weird. So I kinda saw her, but only in my subconcious.

Anyway, last night she came through Leuven, without her Cans though (I will refrain from making an obvious vulgar comment for the sake of keeping this blog as sexist-free as possible). I only saw the last couple of songs by The Neverending Story, who was this talented guy who didn't like to go to Duffel. I understand.

Laura Stevenson blew my mind. I mean, I expected her to be good, but her show was just amazing. Her voice is so fragile yet so intense. She flies through her lyrics as if every song consists of one single but extremely long word. Most of the songs where from her album Sit Resist and the new one, Wheel, which are both very good records that you should buy. She played a cover from a band I don't recall. And she played A Shine To It, which is still one of my favourite songs of her, probably sorta due to the Bomb The Music Industry! cover, which made a very sad song into a cheerful-sounding one.
Most, if not all, of Laura's songs yesterday were sad songs. And if they were cheerful, they had this sad undertone. One song was an angry one, but you could argue that the anger came from sadness. Anyway, lots of sadness going on but I couldn't stop smiling. Her guitar skills are impressive and as far as I know, she didn't fuck up. She was seemingly flawless and very likeable.

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